The Top Three Ski Resorts in the World

Everyone likes to have a vacation every now and then, but it has to be something truly unique in order to make a lasting impression in their memories. One can always travel to exotic locations and experience several sights and sounds that cannot be found anywhere in his or her home country, or even go to the beach for a nice summer getaway.

However, when it comes to the winter holidays, some individuals would prefer to go on an adrenaline rush. Skiing is one of many favorite activities that thrill-seekers love, and they can simply find much satisfaction in booking accommodations at a ski resort. If you’re planning to take your family out for a really unique vacation, perhaps the following suggestions would truly give you a lifetime’s worth of memories to be cherished.

Are, Sweden – this is the only resort in Sweden dedicated to skiing which truly exudes the same atmosphere of the Alps. You can simply access the trails by way of cable car, leading you to the mountain top so you can ski your way down the square. You have a wide variety of slopes to choose from, ranging from the most leisurely trails to highly challenging ones that will certainly provide quite the adrenaline rush. However, that’s not all you’re in for. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking around for a way to satisfy your shopping needs, you can simply find a lot of the latest skiing gear in here. You can even indulge yourself in some fine gastronomical pleasures courtesy of the many fine restaurants to choose from. World class entertainment is to be expected as well, with many of the finest Swedish artists performing on a stage which resides in the mountains.

Snowmass, USA – Located in Aspen, Colorado, this is simply 4 distinct vacations rolled into one, especially with the four different mountains to choose from for your skiing needs. You get to indulge yourself in a variety of steeps, glades, terrain parks and what is considered as the longest vertical rise in the entire US, which can only be accessed by lift. You will surely be treated to magnificent views as well as a whole lot of fun.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France – If you’re planning a family vacation out of the country, this would be a great choice indeed. There’s such magnificent scenery to behold, filled with such awe-inspiring glaciers and ice falls. You’ll get to ride one of the highest cable cars in the whole of Europe as you indulge yourself in skiing pleasure!