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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Glass Bubbler

If you are a regular smoker, chances are that you have used a bong or a smoking pipe. These are some of the gadgets that enhance the smoking experience by giving smokers a clean and fast smoke. Bubblers are interesting gadgets as well but they are better since they have many advantages. A typical glass bubbler features a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem and a chamber that holds water to allow the smoke to pass through. While a pipe and a bong have the same uses as a bubbler, a bubbler combines the two to give better performance. What must one look at before buying a bubbler?.

Before you even begin shopping around for a bubbler, you need to determine what you want your bubbler to be made of. You will find that most bongs are either made of plastic or glass. Serious smokers use glass bongs because they are not only easier to clear but also stylish. Bubblers are also the same. Glass bubbler are more popular because they are beautiful as well as easier to clean. A glass bubbler is, however, fragile and should be handled with care. Since the glass bubblers have different sizes, individuals must choose the ideal size for their needs. A bigger bubbler with large chambers will hold more smoke at a time which provides a good experience.

You will find different types of glass bubblers that look and function differently. Glass bubblers allow people to get different shapes and sizes because class is easy to make into different beautiful designs. One of the types of glass bubblers available is known as the hammer bubbler which has a mouthpiece and a bottom chamber. With hammer bubbler, the bottom part sits on the surface while the neck connects to the top chamber. One may not fancy the hammer glass bubbler and they can choose to for a sidecar bubbler. This one has a sidecar mouthpiece that branches off the chamber and moves on an angle from the side of the chamber rather than to the top of the chamber. The design of the sidecar makes it hard to splash thus holding water very well. Other types of glass bubbler you can go for include the double bubblers, concentrate bubblers and pendant bubblers.

It goes without saying that, you must get your glass bubbler from a trusted seller who will provide a quality product. Online sellers like Fat Buddha provide a variety of class bubbler that will definitely excite any smoker. You should go for a bubbler that is both fun and practical and glass bubblers offer both. You are guaranteed to find something that meets your needs with glass bubblers because they are practical and beautiful.

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