Apr 16


fair boothHumanists of Washington (HOW) is a freethought association dedicated to the principles of Secular Humanism.

We seek to foster a statewide interconnected community of Humanists who participate together in education, camaraderie, and the celebration of life.

If you are a thinking and concerned nontheist, you are not alone!


HOW is an independent, nonprofit corporation recognized under IRS Code 501(c)(3) as an educational (non-religious) organization. All our programs and activities are under the sole direction and control of an autonomous, duly-elected Board of Trustees.

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  1. pat byrne

    I am a Mason County resident, and recently attended the November debate on “Does God Exist?” This was the first open debate on this subject at a public forum in Mason County in my memory. I highly commend your organization for enabling this unique discussion here in Shelton, Washington.

    Our community has suffered many damaging economic blows not uncommon to forest industry towns. Our town which once was proud to proclaim that it had more PHD’s per persons than any city in Washington, now probably has the fewest. When I arrived with my family in the early 60’s the Rayonier Pulp mill had recently shut down. It had operated just thirty years since its construction was completed in 1927. Fortunately Rayonier’s national research lab continued here with its highly educated staff until recently relocating to Jesup Georgia.

    Simpson Timber Company gradually moved their headquarters from Shelton to Seattle after the assassination of a son of the controlling family in the latter part of the great depression.

    The City and County “Fathers” looked in good faith to find a replacement for the intellectual and social leadership that had left our community. Their efforts lead to a State Prison just outside of town. Needles to say the substitution of prison jobs for the jobs that had left Shelton and Mason County left us much deprived of the stimulus that had once been part of Shelton and Mason County.

    The debate at the community center between Rand Wagner and Bob Seidensticker provided a wave of hopefulness that perhaps our town was not yet brain dead!!

    Thank you very much!

    Pat Byrne

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