Feb 21

Open Letter to Clark County

signs_croppedAfter our initial success in preventing an “In God We Trust” plaque from being approved for display in the Clark County public hearing room earlier this month, the County’s Board of Councilors has revived the issue. Another meeting on this topic will be held on Tuesday, February 24th at 10 AM at the Clark County Public Service Center (CCPSC).

We encourage members of the community who are opposed to divisive language in local government to attend the meeting and to sign this letter. An informal rally will be held prior to Tuesday’s meeting in the plaza in front of the CCPSC beginning at 9 AM.

The letter will be presented to the Councilors during the time allotted for public comment.   While all are encouraged to sign, it is vitally important that as many citizens of Clark County as possible are represented in the letter. So please sign it, and share it with your friends and neighbors.



We, the undersigned, encourage the Board of Councilors to change the wording of the proposed new public hearing room display from “In God We Trust” to our original national motto: “E Pluribus Unum.”

The resolution in its current form is the brainchild of an out-of-state special interest group pushing similar legislation across the country. Both Councilor Mielke, the resolution’s sponsor, and the lobby group in question, In God We Trust-America, Inc. (IGWT-A), have admitted this is true. In fact, the original resolution Councilor Mielke introduced was copied nearly word for word from the “Starter Packet” on the IGWT-A website.

This organization does not represent the residents of Clark County, and should not exert more influence over the Councilors than their own constituents.

Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Washington states “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

Yet, IGWT-A put out a statement on social media in response to our local issue, quoting the Book of Matthew and saying “We know that leaders are appointed by God. We know that God can pierce hearts and change communities. I ask you to join [us] in praying for Clark County.”

Article I, Section 11 of the Constitution of the State of Washington states “No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise or instruction, or the support of any religious establishment.”

Yet, this proposal would appropriate both public money and public property to enact a resolution with an implicitly religious motive which was crafted for the Councilors by an organization that promotes a Christian God.

If the Councilors’ goal is to display a national motto which honors our history and traditions—while also promoting unity—they should choose to display our nation’s original motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” and adopt the below proposed resolution.

Center for Inquiry (CFI)–Portland & CFI Vancouver Skeptics
Secular Coalition for Washington
Secular Coalition for Oregon
FFRF – Portland Area Chapter
Humanists of Greater Portland
Freethinkers of Portland State University
Humanists of Washington

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The letter has been delivered.   Thank you!

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NameCity and State
NameCity and State
dawn m brittaincoquille, OR
Joshua Gordon98665
Carl UntiVancouver, WA
richard agostovancouver wa,
Pat NashBattle Ground Wa
Teresa GryderPortland, Oregon
Rory BowmanVancouver WA
Rachel SwanVancouver, WA
Jonathon EliasVancouver WA
Daniel RileyPhoenix, AZ
Anthony Wagstaff Vancouver
Troy MaxcyVancouver
Rory BowmanVancouver WA
Jonathon EliasVancouver WA
Wesley MahanPortland
taylorbattle ground, wa
Robert J GrieveYelm WA
Jennifer BestVancouver, WA
Cathleen WhitingCanby
desiree wrightvancouver, wa
Edee LemonierVancouver, WA
Lynette LoveVancouver, WA
Amy RayGranite Falls, WA
Mary McLarenVancouver, WA
Jennifer GouletPasco, WA
Angelica CarrCamas, WA
krystina faulkvancouver wa
Henrik martensVancouver
Britt martensVancouver
Melissa PriceVancouver, WA
Eric ConnellyRIdgefield
Timothy CannellVancouver, Washington
Janet K MayVancouver, WA
Ronald A MayVancouver, WA
Karen BrotzmanBattle Ground
Karen BrotzmanBattle Ground
James K. PhelpsVancouver, Washington
Chad McVeighVancouver, WA
john roweVancouver, WA
Branden PittardWashougal, Washington
Meghan BartosovskyWashougal, Washington
Elaine RiceVancouver, Washington
Carrie CraigVancouver, WA 98665
Dominic SitowskiVancouver
Julia BerrethVancouver WA
Tracey fishervancouver wa
Derya RugglesVancouver
Donald ThompsonVancouver
sam qanatVacouver
Juanita GreenwayVancouver, WA
Lou ElliottVancouver, Wa
Anita CannellVancouver, WA
george malinvancouver,wa
Bob VerrinderVancouver, WA
Nick Ellsonvancouver washington
Bob VerrinderVancouver, WA
Charles ErdmanVancouver, wa
Sandra ErdmanVancouver WA
Joseph ToscanoRidge field, WA
Wayne BernalVancouver, WA
Patrick VromanKlamath Falls / Portland, OR
Zachary Jenischvancover wa
Melba HalgrenVancouver, WA
Jim Postma Vancouver Washington
Kevin Bardonskivancouver, wa
Paul WhitingVancouver WA
Jordis JensenVancouver WA
Brian MaasVancouver, WA
Mary Ann TeagueVancouver, Washinton
Jim SchwegerlVancouver Washington
Laura HartwellVancouver, WA
Melissa AdamsVancouver, WA
Gary AkizukiVancouver, Washington
Glenn E. TeagueVancouver, WA
Gail PollockVancouver
Monica GuillotVancouver
Jack OsierVancouver, Wa
Nurmi Husa Vancouver, Washington
Phillip J MartelloVancouver, WA
Chad PierceCamas, WA
Donovan DavisBattle Ground, WA
Kay EllisonVancouver, WA
Sarah SharpVancouver, Wa.
hopskotch SunDAYPortland. OR
eric wooldridgeVancouver
Mark MunzVancouver, WA
Maureen HildrethVancouver
Daniel ChanPortland, OR
Mark BennettVancouver, WA
Melanie Davis Battle Ground, WA
Julie smithvancouver, wa
James MaynardVancouver, Washington
Carol JohnsenVancouver, WA
Kelly GrayVancouver Washington
Suzanna Gilchrist Vancouver, WA
Diane MathewVancouver, WA
elizabeth henetzvancouver, wa
Christopher TuckerPortland, Oregon
Valerie AndersonVancouver
Audrey Anna MillerVancouver, WA
Nicole AntonacciVancouver, WA
Nancy Vartanian Vancouver, WA
Melissa BolesVancouver, WA
Shiloh MillerVancouver, WA
RIchard Lindsaybrush prairie, WA
Kelly KeigwinVancouver, WA
Alvin FischerVancouver, Wa.
Bill BakerVancouver, WA
Sara MorrisVancouver, WA
Alicia BalassaBattleground, WA
Ruth FlemmingVancouver, WA
Corrie OliverOrchards, WA
Michelle DwightVancouver,Washington
Michael GroverVancouver, WA
David PostHillsboro, OR
Mark BentonVancouver
D\'Ann SprinkleWashougal, WA
Ilmari KivinenVancouver
LaVerne NelsonVancouver, WA
W. H. ShufrordVancouver, WA
Dorothy WeissVancouver, Wa
David SmithVancouver, WA
Kristen YollandVancouver, WA
Eric LandonPortland, Oregon
Jacqueline KuranVancouver, WA
Patricia A BallVancouver, WA
Donna QuesnellVancouver, WA
David LockmanVancouver, WA
Patricia BergrenWashougal, Wa.
Patricia BergrenWashougal, Wa.
Warren NelsonVancouver
Marci KoskiVancouver, WA
Nick Weitzridgefield WA
Marc Perraultportland Oregon
John M. KowalskiVancouver, WA
Kimberli SebastianVancouver, WA
Carrie ParksVancouver, WA
Ronald Morrison916 NE 21st Ct., Vancouver, Washington
James EmerickVancouver, WA
Alan LitchfieldPortland, Oregon
Tara CampbellLake Oswego, OR
Dan JacobsVancouver
Richard & Jan HammerstromVancouver, Washington
Elaine StarrattVancouver, WA
James WellwoodVancouver WA
KarenVancouver, WA
Marion HinshawVancouver, WA
Julie CoopVancouver
Rhoda gormanVancouver, wa
Silvia BishopWashougal, WA 98671
Patrick CarlsonRidgefield, WA
Crystal SmallVancouver Washington
Linda SlatteryVancouver, WA
Josh EasterlundEugene, OR
Debra Stewart-OttoVancouver, WA
Beau WilsonVancouver, WA
Linda k KulmVancouver, WA
Linda ArmstrongVANCOUVER
Mary McElligottVancouver, Washington
Jane SturmBattle Ground
Elizabeth CampbellVancouver
Krystal Caddy Vancouver, Washington
Steve PrainoVancouver, WA
Matt SmileyVancouver, WA
JacqueLyn LobelleVancouver, WA
Michael EmrickVancouver, WA
Sandra ErdmanVancouver WA
Aaron StinsonVancouver, WA
Deanna DeanVancouver, WA
Sharon HippiVancouver, washington
Renee FritschieCoupeville, WA
Tim GaughanBattle Ground
Paul LaMarVancouver, WA
Anna KinneyVancouver, WA
Daniela BarackVancouver, WA
Patricia WeinkaufVancouver, WA
Philip ZuvanichVancouver WA.
Linda BaileyBattle Ground, WA
JM LarkinBattle Ground, WA
Kristen WallwayVancouver, WA
Teri CooleyVancouver WA
Jay Small Vancouver, WA
Karen HengererVancouver, WA
Scott HegerichVancouver, WA
Michele WollertVancouver WA
Jennifer FergusonVancouver, WA
Elizabeth SparrowWashington
Kyle ChapmanWashougal, WA
Bob Ratz Vancouver, WA
Tara PetruskaVancouver, WA
Shane DayVancouver
Glenn DunnVancouver , Wa.
Sonya RoweVancouver, WA
Jill A. HectorVancouver, WA
Jamie BlickVancouver, WA
Mary CurtisVancouver, Washington
John fisherrichland wa
Michael J FitzgeraldKlamath Falls Oregon
Amelia Veneziano Vancouver, WA
Mary VincentVancouver, WA
Grant EellsVancouver
Lee L. JensenBattle Ground, Wa.
Roland RubyVancouver, WA
Linda MatherVancouver, WA
Judith M. DahlenVancouver, WA
Luciane AsponVancouver, WA
Lorenzo RuizVancouver Washington
Kenneth BensonVancouver Washington
Katherine A. LivickVancouver, Wa
Lorenzo RuizVancouver Washington
Celia LouderbackVancouver, Wa
Celia Louderback .Vancouver
Robert and Yvonne AndrewsVancouver, Wa
Joe HughesVancouver, WA
Kevin RonningVancouver
Jodi BarnesLa Center, WA
Keith E. BellisleBattle Ground, Wa
Amanda VannVancouver, Wa
Amanda VannVancouver, Wa
Linda FeletarVancouver Washington
Gerald Smith Vancouver, Washington
Roger BatesBeaverton
Colleen Hutchison Clackamas, Oregon
Marney Mathison Vancouver, Washington
David LawlerVancouver WA
Julie GoodinMaineville Ohio
john cronkVancouver Washington
C BornHillsboro, OR
Greg BuchanCamas, Washington
James CheskyVancouver, WA
Jaime saemannCamas wa
Seth Saemann Camas WA
Jeff SaemannCamas, Wa
Angie LindquistVancouver WA
Kevin Kong SmithVancouver
Kevin Kong SmithVancouver, WA
Chris FuruheimBrush Prairie, Wa
Jon FisherVancouver, WA
Shani FisherVancouver, WA
Scott D. MorrisVancouver
Jamie WarrenVancouver, Washington
Michelle La RueVancouver WA
james smithVancouver wa
Clare ChevalierVancouver
Patt DoyleHeisson, WA
Doug Mathesonklamath falls
Peter BarkettPortland, OR
Linda SmithGrants Pass, OR
Kris L WellsVancouver WA
Gary WadeBrush Prairie, WA
Krista WadeBrush Prairie, WA
Summer MorrisVancouver
Jan VerrinderVancouver, WA
Patricia ChevalierVancouver, WA
Patricia ChevalierVancouver, WA
Ross CurryVancouver, WA
Anthony P TesoVancouver, WA
Tom SmithOak Harbor, Wa.
David KinchVancouver
Barbara GummerePortland, OR
CD HanksBeaverton OR
Benjamin Cooper
Lauren WagnerVancouver, WA
Nancy SchultzVancouver, Washington
Christi CarnerVancouver, WA
Elizabeth Batchelor Vancouver, Washington
Dean SpeerbrecherVancouver, Wa
Cara CameronCamas, WA
Ian CameronCamas, WA
Ian CameronCamas, WA
Michele HuffmanCorvallis, OR
Amy SimonsVancouver WA
Jeffrey A. GibbonsCamas, WA
Glenda WhiteVancouver, WA
Shawn Edward Haysportland, OR
David JaffePortland, OR
Harold A. LayVancouver, WA
Wayne BernalVancouver, WA
Raymond ZimmermanBattle Ground
James HenlineVancouver WA
Monica ZappullaVancouver, WA
R BedfordPortland Or
Dennis KellyPortland, OR
Tom SharplesVancouver, WA
Philip DolanPortland, OR
Janna MeyerCamas, WA
Emilia Brasiercamas, Wa
Amanda Padron Vancouver, WA
Morgansalem oregon
Lance Van ValinSalem, OR
Calvin HennigPortland, OR
Lance Van ValinSalem, OR
Peggy CarlsonVancouver, WA
Joyce BeamanVancouver
Jeremy SimmonsVancouver WA
Bruce AdamsPortland
margaret adamsportland, oregon
Lois Scott-ConleyBrattleboro, VT
Adrianne CampbellVancouver WA
Johanna HyattBattle Ground, WA
Victoria Newbill vancouver wa
Tom McCoy Vancouver wa
Dr. Karl WiegersHappy Valley, OR
Dylan FloydVancouver WA
Sheila PastorePortland
Dustin BerryVancouver, WA
Melanie KenoyerVancouver
Kevin CollinsVancouver, Washington
Allan CampbellVancouver, WA
Jule McBrideVancouver Wa
Mark Owsley Vancouver, wa
Jerry SchiffelbeinIssaquah, WA
Nicole BerryVancouver, WA
Jim GhormleyVancouver, WA
Jaaron SmithVancouver, Washington
Portia Perkins Vancouver, WA
Ashlee SprugelVancouver, WA
Kevin HealyVancouver, WA
Bruce RomanishVancouver, WA
sarah youssefvancouver wa
Susan KiplingerVancouver, WA
Preston B. AllenCamas WA
Michael Listberger Vancouver, WA
Deborah DePretaVancouver WA
Dustin PruittVancouver, WA
Kathy HartVancouver, WA
Judith HeathVancouver
Tracy FrechVancouver, WA
tim medearis Vancouver, WA
Ray Armstrong Battle Ground, WA
Arlene HewsonBattle Ground, Wash
Linda PritchardVancouver
Steven WiseVancouver, WA
Donna JohnsonVancouver, Wa
Rachael BlackPortland, OR
Gayle MyrnaMilwaukie, Oregon
Loren K. LeeVancouver, WA
Lisa EideVancouver, WA
Tyler NetzelVancouver, Wa
Eric Battison Vancouver WA
Sandra BrownPortland OR
Cheryl KolbePortland, OR
Jason WilliardVancouver, Washington
Joe MackeyBattle Ground
Christine BlackfordBattle Ground, WA
Barbara SteeleVancouver, WA
Robert SteidlVancouver WA
Cheryl A HolbrookVancouver
Brian Vires Vancouver, Washington
David WilhoitVancouver WA
Beth FabelVancouver WA
Kathleen MyersVancouver wa
Mary HeiserVancouver, WA
Kathleen WeberVancouver, Washington
Willy TraubVancouver, WA
Teresa KieserVancouver, WA
Sue EmrickVancouver
Thomas HartVancouver Wa
Nena CataldoCamas
Bernadette Armstrong Vancouver, Washington
lisa cortneywashington
Briana ConnorVancouver, WA
Nick JatosVancouver, WA
Joanne FitzwilsonVancouver, WA
Danielle SamsaVancouver, WA
Brian VitsmunPuyallup, WA
Brian VitsmunPuyallup, WA
Peter TinsleyGresham
Johnathan BunnVancouver, WA
Patrick BerryVancouver, WA
Dave NorrisWashington
Mike GillisKent, WA
Shannon heapsVancouver, WA
Brian HarveyPortland, Oregon
Theresa ChinnGresham Oregon
David HeapsVancouver, WA
Julia Paddison Vancouver, Wa
tom kniffinvancouver, washington
Kevin WardVancouver, Washington
Lynn LattaPortland OR
Erich Schmidtbeaverton, OR
Walter T. Vitatoe JrBattle Ground, WA
Charles HarlessVancouver, WA
Rebecca NevilleRidgefield WA
Eryn MorriganPoulsbo, WA
Kim HarlessVancouver, WA
Jaynee HaygoodVancouver, WA
Dave BrouilletteTacoma, WA
Steven BaloghTacoma, WA
Colleen McCawBremerton
Rebecca harterVancouver Washington
Elliot J. ZaisPortland OR
Sam MulveyTacoma, WA
Caitlyn CecchettoVancouver, WA
Richard HewittVancouver, WA
Ron Crutcher-FoltzPortland
Gabriel KniffinVancouver, WA
Robert ChattinVancouver, WA
Laurel RameyVancouver, WA
Renee killmerCamaswa
Craig DeweyVancouver, WA
Nancy KettlerVANCOUVER
Sylvia BennerPortland
David ChiltonWashougal, WA
Dani ToftePortland
Bill MaidenVancouver, Washington
David C. DiNucciPortland, OR
anne HendersonBeaverton
laurel croftbeaverton
Artem RosnovskiyVancouver, WA
Gavin ThorinsonMarysville WA
Robert SanfordCamas, WA
Paula FraserBellevue, WA
Robert AughenbaughPortland, OR
Adam BaileyVancouver Washington
Shantel TatumPortland, Oregon
Marc Alan AbellCamas, Wa
Roger BatesBeaverton
Helen HewittVancouver, WA
Jeffrey Ogden Portland, OR
Amber OliverVancouver, WA
Trevor ChiltonWashougal, Washington
Jennifer ChiltonWashougal, Wa
Nancy PappasPortland, OR
Jon PetersHappy Valley, Oregon
Marko BaloghBeaverton, Oregon
Alexhillsboro oregon
Emily BadajosTigard, OR
Stacy EmersonTacoma, Washington
Rebecca FriedmanTacoma, WA
Jenny LeesSeattle
Dustin TroupeVancouver,washington
Rachel AppersonVancouver WA
Matt EnloeCorvallis, Oregon
Rebecca Vitsmun Puyallup, WA
Robert RayGranite Falls
Kimberly AbellCamas, WA

Number of Signatures: 450

Text Of The Resolution


WHEREAS, “E Pluribus Unum” was chosen by our Founding Fathers as our national motto, and was adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782; and

WHEREAS, the words “E Pluribus Unum” have been used on United States coins since 1795; and

WHEREAS, the same slogan is engraved on the Seals of the United States of America, the President, the Vice President, Congress, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court; and

WHEREAS, in both war and peace, these words have been a profound source of strength and guidance to many generations of Americans, emphasizing that we are one nation; and

WHEREAS, “E Pluribus Unum” has come to symbolize that out of many peoples, races, religions, languages, and ancestries has emerged a single people and nation; and

WHEREAS, the County wants to display this patriotic motto in the hearing room of the Board of County Councilors to solemnize public occasions and promote unity;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of County Councilors of Clark County does hereby determine the historical and patriotic words of our nation’s founding motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” shall be prominently displayed in the hearing room of the Board of County Councilors in Vancouver, Washington.

DATED this 24th day of February, 2015

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