Jul 28

CALL TO ACTION: In god we trust?

On Monday, July 28th, H.O.W. President Sam Mulvey and Secretary Becky Friedman attended a committee meeting of the Pierce County Council where District 3 Councilmember Jim McCune proposed a resolution to permanently display “In God We Trust” in a prominent location in Pierce County Council chambers. Sam testified to the divisive nature of the display, and spoke of the Christian dominionist groundings of the nationwide movement to install such displays in governmental buildings.

The resolution will come before the full council on Tuesday, July 28 at 3 pm at the County-City Building in downtown Tacoma. Councilmember McCune has stacked public comment session with pro-God, pro-Christian speakers. We need your help in several important ways:

  1. Pierce County residents, email your district representative, especially if you are a constituent in Districts 1, 2, 3, 6 or 7.  (Councilmembers Ladenburg and Talbert of Districts 4 and 5 are already on the record opposing the resolution).
  2. Encourage your fellow residents to do the same, stating your opposition to R2014-80s.
  3. Thank Councilmembers Ladenburg and Talbert for their commitment to inclusiveness, and their willingness to focus on religion-free governmental administration.
  4. Send this message along through email, word of mouth, and social media.  Several councilmembers expressed astonishment that the resolution would be considered controversial, since they rarely heard from any of their constituents that such a message could be perceived as exclusive or offensive.
  5. Email the Board for details on where to gather at 1 pm on Tues, July 29 to strategize testimony for the public comment session.
  6. Sign your name in our open letter to the Pierce County Council opposing this resolution.

Note that feedback from outside the county tends to be ignored by councilmembers, so if you reside or work outside Pierce, help mobilize Pierce residents to voice their concerns! This doesn’t just apply to Humanists and atheists, but to all those for whom trust in a Judeo-Christian god does not apply.